Private Yoga & Channeling Online (90 min.)

Private Yoga & Channeling Online (90 minutes)


This private yoga and channeling session falls in sequence to your first month of ongoing nurturing play. This elongated session becomes your next parameter before taking flight, on your own, flowing fervorous-ly forward.

Love it. Long for it. Live it.

Your individualized message will be drawn from Divine Light Beings of Love who know you, and know what you need to have a break-free.  A break-through, and a break-free from limitations beyond what we can see.

We hope to provide fertile ground for a loving, and powerful succession to gentle and continuing transformation. You’re not alone. Your practice is yours for a reason, but we do have support! Lisa is available for added readings and will also lead small, (maximum 5 people) groups to inspire and cheer each other on.

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Phone: 406-696-3347