Healing Treatments

Healing Treatments

Lisa expresses her intuitive abilities through gentle hands on touch. She spends time prior to each class or individual session connecting to you (the student/client), and shared universal energies that help provide the highest guidance for the current session. True to a yoga therapist’s style, her group classes are never more than 6-8 people at a time so her unique ability to provide the most individual attention for each person is enhanced.

Lisa can add energy healing/clearing to the Aromatouch Technique.  The Aromatouch technique involves a 30 minute application of pure essential oils to the spine, feet, and ears, followed by 30 minutes of energy regeneration.  Lisa uses open palms and places them flat (no, or very little pressure) on the back.  She attunes to the client’s energy body and intuitively moves to areas that need stimulation for release to allow the energy (or prana) to flow more fluidly in that area and the body as a whole.  This process provides a sense of deep relaxation and peace.  As one client described, “Lisa’s work with me was life changing!”

As an artist, Lisa has spent many years drawing, painting, designing, and participating in what is called “Italian Street Painting Festivals” where the medium is dry pastels (chalk art) and the surface is the street! With many years of drawing and designing with the intention for the final product to “be something” her artistic and creative nature is currently evolving.  As with the intuitive way she works with others, she is now intuitively working with acrylic paint, newly discovering her ability to allow the paint and the message of the work to express itself through her, versus planning, organizing, and confining herself into a boxed up idea. *Images of her artwork coming soon!


ThetaHealing Technique $95

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is.  This technique can be done long distance/over the phone. Our technique approach is not to diagnose, treat, or prescribe as you might expect from a western doctor. Please see a medical doctor with serious health concerns.

Sessions are available at:

  • 75 minutes of clarifying and clearing belief systems that can interfere with life purpose.
  • Currently, Lisa lives in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Sessions can be long distance through video or phone sessions, and can be scheduled at the residence of the person requesting services or at Lisa’s private location.
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Aromatouch Technique

Aromatouch Technique $45

  • 30 minutes of oil application
  • Includes the application of eight essential oils, 4 single oils and 4 blends created by Doterra
  • Basic energy cleansing to promote relaxation and enhances one’s ability to be more present
  • Sessions are available at the home of the individual, or at Lisa’s private location in Forest Grove, Oregon.
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Aromatouch with Energy Regeneration $150

  • Scheduled time is 120 minutes, 90 minutes will be in direct contact with the individual, 30 minutes will be prior to meeting.
  • 30 minutes prior to direct contact, I will begin connecting to you and spirit guides of the highest vibration. During this time, I will receive guidance specific to you and your individual needs.
  • 30 minutes of oil application. During this time I am cleansing your energy, and connecting to the energy of your body (deeply!) 
  • 30 minutes of energy healing (Energy Regeneration) and psychic channeling for specific messages related to stagnant energy .
  • 30 minutes of discussing channeled information whether for clarification or if there are other questions.
  • Sessions are available at the individual’s home or at Lisa’s private location in Forest Grove, Oregon.
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