Lisa Whitmer

Lisa Whitmer and Breath of Yoga

  • Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor

  • Multiple Certifications, Over 900 Hours of Professional Training

  • DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and Certified Aromatouch Facilitator

  • Yoga for All Levels, small group and private sessions

  • Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, Certified Thetahealer


Lisa Whitmer, Certified Yoga Therapist is a Billings, Montana native who spent over two decades in the San Francisco Bay area where she was immersed in various yoga trainings and practices with top instructors from the region and the nation. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Performance, has over 900 hours of certified Yoga Teacher training and has been teaching yoga for over 18 years. With her professional training, years of experience and education, Lisa is at the very top of Yoga instruction in Billings.  What sets her apart from other yoga instructors is her intuitive abilities that when in a reciprocal relationship with open and willing students, has the power to transform and heal beyond just the physical body and into the emotional and spiritual.

 “With an open mind, and an open heart, I practice the sacred study of yoga.”

—Yoga Sutra I (translation by Nischala Devi Joy)

“Yoga and the use of essential oils coax me into a state of profound peace and undeniable joy. I turn to yoga for both physical and emotional support and always reach for essential oils as a way to complement living a clean and healthy life through the use of alternative methods first, and for as long as possible.”

—Lisa Whitmer

Lisa’s personal practice and teaching style are peppered with the spiciness of postural details and the delicious flow of energy movement inspired by Angela Farmer.  Lisa’s intuitive abilities provide a dynamic relationship of knowledge and a healing touch, while conscious breathing assists the process of growth, healing, and effervescent presence.  Lisa’s remarkably gentle nature and occasional light touch can help lead you to transformation and healing if you are willing and ready.

For twenty years, Lisa has been practicing, and exploring the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of yoga and began teaching in 2000 as a result of the deep, and lasting transformation she has experienced in her own life. In the last several years, essential oils and intuitive touch became a staple in the process of assisting Lisa and her clients with the healing process.

Therapy: doTERRA AromaTouch® Technique

{The essential oils used in this treatment are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).}

By Appointment: 696-3347

30 minutes- $35

50 minutes- $50

  • Our 30 minute session is an essential oil application to the spine, ears, and feet. Clients say it tremendously helps relieve stress, supports the immune system, calms inflammation, and increases homeostasis.  An additional 20 minutes can be added for subtle intuitive/energy work that soothes the nervous system on a profoundly deep level.
  • Those who have tried it report deep relaxation, a greater nights sleep, clarity and contentment, and an uplifted sense of joy.

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Lisa Whitmer Yoga Member of IAYT International


Yoga in Billings with Lisa Whitmer

Bachelors of Science: Health & Human Performance

Yoga in Billings with Lisa Whitmer

Certification: Yoga Therapy

Yoga in Billings with Lisa Whitmer

Certification: Somatic Yoga Therapy

Yoga in Billings with Lisa Whitmer

Certification: Deep Yoga

Yoga in Billings with Lisa Whitmer

Certification: Teacher Training






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