Sports and Yoga

Sports athletes are tuning in to the benefits of yoga before and after practice and events.

Dedicated practice for high performance: sports and yoga

It was not unheard of to learn that football players were practicing yoga as part of their weekly routine in the late 90s. Fitness is key to endurance and today’s exercise managers are discovering new ways to keep their athletes fit, focused, and flexible. One popular option is yoga as part of an exercise routine. Not only is yoga beneficial for mental preparation, but other forms of it are perfect for what is called restorative yoga, where the focus would be post event to help the body return to a stable state and ease the stress on the muscles.

What about sports and yoga for me, the non pro?  Even weekend warriors can still benefit from a regular yoga practice. Many of us are still testing our bodies far past middle age, and extra care is an important consideration. Consider yoga as an option for preparation and restoration.


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