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Lisa Whitmer

Position:Owner & Instruction Director
Experience:20 Years Teaching Yoga, 900+ Hours CYTT, B.S. Health & Human Performance
Lisa is a Billings, Montana native who spent 21 years in the San Francisco Bay Area where she was immersed in various yoga trainings and practices with top instructors from the region and the nation. Whitmer holds a Bachelors of Science in Health & human performance, has over 1,000 hours of Yoga Teacher training and has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. "With an open mind, and an open heart, I practice the sacred study of yoga." -Sutra I (translation by Nischala Devi Joy) Yoga is a tool for life. It's an exercise in health, love, and acceptance of the turbulence in our daily routines. It loosens muscles and frees the mind. It strengthens muscles and increases courage in our hearts. It will show you old habits and better ways, it will reveal turmoil, and unleash joy. You will see who you are and you will see that you are no different than "them". Come for the exercise and you'll find something more. Come for something more, and you'll find your heart. Her personal practice and teaching style are delicately influenced by Iyengar and Anusara styles of yoga, where emphasis on personal alignment and conscious breath assist the process of growth and healing through each class. Lisa is grateful for the power of feminine influences by Janice Gates and Angela Farmer where a softness and receptivity in one's practice lead the way to the heart. Combined with Lisa's intuition and gentle nature, her students are also guided by a remarkable sense of depth and inquiry. For almost two decades, Lisa has been practicing, and exploring the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of yoga and began teaching in 2000 as a result of the deep, and lasting transformations she has experienced in her own life. "Yoga settles me into peace and joy, and carries me through the rough spots in life. It does not make them disappear! Yoga doesn't prevent me from experiencing difficult times. It gives me safe harbor when all else appears unsteady." –Lisa
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