Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual practice or discipline. It stretches and strengthens the body, but just as importantly yoga unifies these three aspects of human life, which may offer a sense of well being that lasts beyond the yoga mat.

Yoga Therapy

billings-yoga-therapy-lisa-whitmerYou’ll hear the term yoga more and more these days as it’s popularity and health benefits are more closely documented, including numerous studies that have been performed by researchers within high end yoga communities such as The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) who are integral groups of people putting yoga on the map of human health and healing alternatives.

We may not be far from a doctor prescribing his or her patient with a daily Yoga Therapy class with a Certified Yoga Therapist, who specializes in a variety of common areas that include post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), low back pain, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure to name a few.

In a world where doctors are overburdened with too many patients, not enough up-to-date knowledge (outside of doctor school and the pressure of pharmaceutical industry) and customers that want results, all too often everyone goes home with a little piece of paper that invites them to yet another medication, as an easy (but costly) prescription to the real problem of the lifestyle or particular illness at the core.

Most of us could benefit from a well balanced diet and more exercise, but it takes effort and diligence and maybe “the gym” is just not appealing to everyone. Yoga used to be a trendy community of enthusiasts, but has expanded into the routines of seniors, professional athletes, hard labor employees and corporate head thinkers.

Lisa Knowlton-Whitmer’s yoga training started with a therapeutic yoga approach a few decades ago. That is why her students have always included a variety of ages, previous injuries, career types and lifestyles. Her experience gives her the ability to work with groups or one-on-one privates to explore and practice the benefits of yoga.

In May of 2016, Lisa graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Health and Human Performance with a focus in the performance aspect, further increasing her knowledge of the human body and the science of movement and physiology.  She participated in a tremendous amount of research in the area of how yoga may ameliorate symptoms of depression and anxiety and may be used as a replacement or in conjunction with medication. *With a doctor or therapist’s supervision.

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