Essential Oil Source: Varna, Bulgaria

Essential Oil Source

Varna, Bulgaria 

In 2016, Doterra Healing Hands Foundation helped finance a new distillery facility in Varna, Bulgaria where we source a number of essential oils;  Lavender, Melissa and Yarrow to name a few!  The facility, Esseterre, is also a destination for Somalian frankincense resin.

During Doterra’s 2017 co-impact sourcing trip, our group arrived during harvest season and saw the entire process from harvest to complete distillation in one day!  The beautiful earthy aroma of Bulgarian lavender filled the air while we watched and semi-participated in the process from start to finish.  The manual labor involved is strenuous, and happens during a hot and dry part of the year.  Timing is important because the heat is what causes the essential oil of the plant to rise to the top.  Once the harvested plant debris is shipped to the distillery, it gets manually packed into the vats, and then properly distilled.

Our Bulgarian farmers work hard to provide an organic and high quality product. Doterra works hard to pay our farmers on time and with bonuses for providing the best!