Personalized Online Yoga Sessions


Personalized Online Yoga Sessions

Welcome to your own life.

Lisa provides self driven yoga sessions designed specifically for the free spirited heart within you.  She will help nurture your own instincts in how you move, breathe, and live in your life with heart sparked intuitive messages from Divine Beings of Love.

This is a way of building trust in your own heart by way of separation from the “teacher” and the “student.”
You and I collaborate to develop a unique and very personalized practice for you to do at home. A home practice compromises the relationship between the “teacher” and the “student” for the sake of learning to listen with your heart, your body, and your mind to uncover stages of what I call “morphing.”
The morphing process is one of sincere and tender transformation. We provoke curtailed trauma to rise up from their cellular misconfigurations and reorganize them through breathing, moving, and most importantly, loving the process until the energetics of trauma dissolve like water particles dissipating from the heat of prolific love.
Therein lies the difference between a former teacher/student relationship and ours. We design a specific program for you to participate in your own healing in the safety of your home. We can teach you how to perform your poses as trans-formations versus imposed formations that are unsuitable to your natural way of being. We talk, I record a private video posted on youtube, you watch/do at your leisure, we talk again.
This is a dance. It is not perfect, nor pretty at times. It is a dance between your heart and mind to allow for misfits of the heart to wander freely.

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