Saying yes to life

In alignment with alignment; when attempting to find it, be aware of resistance and remember:

say yes-raven“The journey of awakening -the classical journey of the mythical hero or heroine is one of continually coming up against big challenges and then learning how to soften and open.  In other words, the paralyzed quality seems to be hardening and refusing, and the letting go or the renunciation of that attitude is simply feeling the whole thing in your heart, letting it touch your heart.  You soften and feel compassion for your predicament and for the whole human condition.  You soften so that you can actually sit there with those troubling feelings and let them soften you more.

The whole journey of renunciation, or starting to say yes to life, is first of all realizing that you’ve come up against your edge, that everything in you is saying no, and then, at that point, softening.  This is yet another opportunity to develop loving-kindness for yourself, which results in playfulness -learning to play like a raven in the wind.”

-Author Unknown